Local. Independent. Experienced.

One of the largest and most productive independently owned and operated companies in the Northwest.

Founded in 2012, Best Choice Realty provides unparalleled real estate services

We work with our affiliates to service residential and commercial clients. In addition, we continue to offer our real estate brokers top-notch local training in-person, virtual education, and support.

  • As local real estate professionals that live and work in your community, we believe in integrity and genuinely care for people in all price points and demographics.
  • Our woman-owned business leads the way by volunteering for various community organizations and supporting consumers and real estate agents alike.
  • Nearly half of the company speak a foreign language. We have language assistance available.
  • Our experience and passion for homeownership fuel our ability to represent nearly 2000 sales and clients annually.

Why Choose Best Choice Realty

Our clients know when they elect to work with a Best Choice Realty real estate agent they can count on us for the highest quality consultation. Our real estate agents pride themselves on providing the best service, communication, technology and local expertise to help their clients navigate their real estate journey.

Join Us

We live and work in your community. We pride ourselves on being the highest quality local brokerage firm with the best equitable compensation for our real estate agents. Click the link below to learn what the agent experience is like at Best Choice Realty!

Our Values


Our clients have a right to expect outstanding service. We are not paid for our time, but for our service. If we expect to be paid well, we must provide the highest level of service.


No organization can grow and prosper unless each member of the team puts forth the maximum effort.


Our real estate agents never undertake an assignment for a client unless we have the training and experience to do the job. Our firm believes in productive agents, continuing education, and self-improvement.


We believe every action taken should be done with truth and honesty. No other single attribute of a person or business is as impactful to success in this industry. There must be good choices made in real estate to protect the real estate agent and their clients.


An organization can be great when all members are working together for a common purpose. It can only be mediocre when some are rowing in a different direction. Helping and building each other up to achieve our productivity goals bring unity to our firm.


Our clients must be happy with the level of service they receive, or we will not get referral business.  If we make a mistake, we do our best to make it right with our clients. Our productive team of real estate agents know they will be held accountable for mistakes if a client is dissatisfied.