We routinely offer LIVE webinars to our real estate agents every Monday night at 5:30PM. These webinars are intended to supplement clock hour training and help as you encounter unique situations, need scripting/prospecting ideas, and more! Our YouTube channel has thousands of hours worth of these recorded webinars – of which, the most current and popular are listed below.

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Quick Contract Drafting Help

Building a Real Estate Business

Taxes & Business Setup w/ a Tax Preparer (recorded 06/20/2022)

WA Long Term Care Act (recorded 07/26/2021)

1031 Exchanges (recorded 05/26/2021)

Real Geeks | Preparing & Cleaning Your Database (recorded 10/18/2021)

RealGeeks | CRM Basics (recorded 01/11/2021)

Working with a Transaction Coordinator (recorded 11/16/2021)

Appraisals | APEX Appraisal Management Company (recorded 11/12/2021)

Homeowners Insurance (recorded 08/09/2021)

Manage Your Listings with Chime (Recorded 10/25/2022)

Set Up a CMA with Chime (Recorded 11/2/2022)

Import/Export Your Database with Chime (recorded 11/29/2022)

Connect Your GMB to Chime (recorded 12/06/2022)

Posting on Social Media with Chime (recorded 12/06/2022)

Marketing & Social Media (recorded 1/30/2023)

Vetting a Lender (recorded 11/2/2021)

Mythbusting the VA Home Loan Financing (recorded 04/12/2021)

Questions for a Professional Stager (recorded 06/08/2021)

HOW TO | Preparing for a New Listing (recorded 10/05/2021)

HOW TO | Real Estate License Activation and License Renewal (recorded 09/12/2022)

Managing Your Transactions (Recorded 10/24/2022)

Top 10 Reasons Sellers will Counter Offer (Recorded on 11/14/2022)

Lead Generation (Recorded 01/16/2023)

Being a Market Expert

HOW TO | Using FastStats & InfoSparks (recorded 12/20/21)

Be a Market Master (recorded 08/30/21)

Analyzing Local Market Data (recorded 11/30/21)

Understanding iBuyer Competition (recorded 08/02/21)

Ask an Appraiser (recorded 02/16/22)


Marketplace Conversations w/ Clients (recorded 05/23/2022)

Conversations w/ Clients about Pricing (recorded 10/19/21)


Highlights from the 2022 Legal Symposium (recorded 06/06/2022)

Top 5 Legal Issues for WA Real Estate Agents (recorded 07/25/2022)

Buyer/Seller Hacks in.a Changing Market (recorded 06/13/2022)

Final Walk-Through Woes (recorded on 12/12/2022)

DADU Zoning (recorded on 01/11/2023)

Pricing a Listing & Professional CMAs (Recorded on 2/13/2023)

Handling Difficult Clients & Agents (recorded on 2/27/2023)

Adjusting Comparables – Pricing Homes to Sell (recorded 3/6/2023)

Appraisals (recorded on 3/8/2023)

Marketing & Prospecting/Sales

Forms & Contracts

Negotiation & Buyer/Seller Consultation Help