About Monah Do

Monah Do

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Accounting Specialist, Broker in WA and OR

Meet Monah, a dedicated and intelligent professional who serves as a valuable asset to the Accounting team at the Seattle office. Armed with a degree in Accounting and Business Management, Monah plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless financial operations of the real estate transactions she oversees.

Her journey into the real estate realm is deeply rooted in her family background. Hailing from a lineage that values construction and engineering, Monah’s father, a seasoned construction engineer in Vietnam, instilled in her a passion for real estate that has only intensified over the years. This familial influence motivated Monah to pursue a career in real estate, leading her to successfully pass the rigorous real estate exam and earn her broker’s license in both Washington and Oregon.

As a licensed broker in two states, Monah possesses a unique understanding of the intricacies and nuances of the real estate markets in Washington and Oregon. Her ability to navigate and comprehend the legal and financial landscapes in both regions makes her an invaluable resource for clients seeking comprehensive and well-informed guidance.

Monah’s dual expertise in accounting and real estate equips her to address the financial aspects of transactions with precision. She ensures that compensation checks from escrow are promptly received, facilitating the timely payment of brokers for their hard work. Monah goes beyond the conventional role of a real estate professional by seamlessly integrating accounting principles into the realm of real estate brokerage, offering clients a comprehensive perspective on their transactions. Outside the realm of real estate, Monah finds solace and relaxation in her love for music and movies. During her free time, you can often find her immersed in the latest tunes or catching up on her favorite films and series on Netflix. This leisurely pursuit serves as a well-deserved break, allowing Monah to recharge her energy and approach each new week with enthusiasm.

While Monah is undoubtedly dedicated to her professional endeavors, she places immense value on spending quality time with her family and friends, particularly on weekends. These moments of connection and joy not only contribute to her personal well-being but also serve as a source of inspiration, fueling her passion and commitment to providing exceptional service in the dynamic world of real estate.