About Virginia Everard

Virginia Everard

[email protected]

Business Development Manager  |  Broker

With a tapestry of 30 years in sales, I’ve found my calling in empowering individuals and families as they navigate life’s major transitions. As a seasoned real estate professional and proud mother, my life’s journey parallels the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest, where I find my energy and drive. Like the rigorous treks and my dedication to fitness at Orange Theory, I approach every real estate opportunity with tenacious commitment and a personalized touch.

For me, real estate is more than transactions; it’s about creating enduring bonds, sharing valuable insights, and guiding clients whether they’re selling, buying, or investing. My steadfast service echoes the loyalty of my cherished dogs and parallels the spirit of adventure that’s been a compass in my travels. My experience, sharpened over decades, is at your disposal for those defining moments when change beckons.

Beyond transactional real estate, I’m passionate about shaping the industry’s future through coaching and mentorship. I am here to foster growth in both new enthusiasts and experienced professionals looking to renew their spark. The pathway to our collective growth is paved by sharing, learning, and pushing boundaries. Rooted in the shared spirit of the verdant Pacific Northwest, we stand tall and ever-growing, reaching for new peaks in professional and personal achievements.