About Yan Marks

Yan Marks

[email protected]

Accounting Manager

Yan Marks stands out as a highly committed professional, equipped with a robust background in accounting and management. Her dedication manifests in the seamless orchestration of various accounting processes, ranging from overseeing compensation payments to salespeople and brokers and managing garnishments, leases, and payroll to handling tax payments, journal entries, reconciliation tasks, financial reports, 1099 preparation, aging summaries, and communication about accounting matters. Yan’s meticulous focus on maintaining financial precision and organizational efficiency underscores her invaluable contributions to the smooth functioning of the accounting domain.

However, Yan’s expertise extends beyond the realm of numbers and ledgers. She possesses a genuine zest for life and actively seeks out new experiences. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Yan finds joy in a diverse array of activities, including reading, speaking Mandarin, traveling, working out, cooking, and indulging in the simple pleasure of watching movies.

Yan’s true satisfaction lies in witnessing the success of the brokers as Best Choice Realty expands its reach. Her dedication to the organization goes beyond mere financial management; she takes pride in contributing to the growth and prosperity of the team. Yan’s multifaceted approach to both her professional and personal life showcases a well-rounded individual who brings not only technical expertise but also a vibrant and positive energy to the workplace.